Mothers are dedicated to giving their children the best opportunity for a good life. How much harder is it for a mother to do so all on her own?

Single mothers are incredibly determined and resilient. They find a way, despite often overwhelming physical, emotional and financial challenges.

However, without some vital support at their times of greatest need, they can find themselves unable to provide basic needs for their children, including enough food, basic school supplies and even a safe home.

Council of Single Mothers and their Children provides essential support and assistance when these families need it the most.

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Latest episode of Single Mothers Speakout.
The November 2019 episode of Single Mothers Speakout. A single mothers take on Australia and the world. This podcast is hosted by Jenny Davidson and is packed full of feminism, humour, politics, storytelling, relationships and more.

The Council of Single Mothers and their Children acknowledges we are working on the lands of the Wurundjeri people and we pay respect to elders past and present.

The Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Service makes possible our specialised support to single mother families.

Thanks to all the individuals and organisations assisting our work.